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Play FIFA 22 Offline Apk on Android with No Internet Connection

FIFA Offline APK: How to Play FIFA on Your Android Device Without Internet

If you are a fan of football games, you probably know about FIFA, the popular series of games developed by EA Sports. FIFA games are known for their realistic graphics, gameplay, and modes that let you experience the thrill of the world's most popular sport. However, if you want to play FIFA on your Android device, you need to have a stable internet connection, which is not always possible or convenient. That's why some gamers have created a modified version of FIFA Mobile that allows you to play offline, called FIFA Offline APK. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about FIFA Offline APK, including how to download and install it, what features and modes it offers, what are the requirements and reviews of it, and some tips and tricks to optimize your experience.

What is FIFA Offline APK?

FIFA Offline APK is a modified version of FIFA Mobile, the official mobile game of FIFA that was released in 2016. FIFA Mobile is a free-to-play game that requires an internet connection to access its features and modes, such as Ultimate Team, Career Mode, Volta Football, and more. However, some gamers have found a way to modify the game files and create an offline version of it, which they call FIFA Offline APK. This version does not require an internet connection to play, but it also has some limitations compared to the original game.

fifa offline apk

A modified version of FIFA Mobile that allows you to play offline

FIFA Offline APK is essentially a hacked version of FIFA Mobile that bypasses the online verification process and lets you play the game without internet. It has most of the features and modes of FIFA Mobile, but some of them are tweaked or removed to make the game work offline. For example, you can still play Ultimate Team mode, but you cannot buy or sell players on the market, or compete with other players online. You can also play Career Mode, but you cannot access the live events or challenges that require internet. You can also play Volta Football mode, but you cannot customize your avatar or team with items from the store.

The benefits and drawbacks of using FIFA Offline APK

There are some pros and cons of using FIFA Offline APK instead of FIFA Mobile. Here are some of them:


  • You can play the game anytime and anywhere without internet.

  • You can save your mobile data and battery life by playing offline.

  • You can enjoy a smooth and lag-free gameplay experience.

  • You can avoid annoying ads and pop-ups that interrupt your game.

  • You can access some features and modes that are not available in some regions or countries.


  • You cannot update the game or get new content or patches from EA Sports.

  • You cannot access some features and modes that require internet such as online multiplayer, live events, challenges, and store items.

  • You may face some bugs or glitches that affect your game performance or progress.

  • You may risk violating the terms and conditions of EA Sports and get banned from playing FIFA Mobile or other EA games.

  • You may expose your device to malware or viruses that may harm your data or privacy.

Therefore, you should weigh the pros and cons of using FIFA Offline APK before deciding to download and install it. You should also be aware of the risks and consequences of using a modified version of a game that is not authorized by the developer.

How to Download and Install FIFA Offline APK?

If you have decided to try FIFA Offline APK, you need to follow some steps to download and install it on your Android device. Here are the steps:

The steps to download the APK file from a reliable source

The first step is to find a reliable source that offers the FIFA Offline APK file for download. You should be careful about the source you choose, as some websites may provide fake or malicious files that may harm your device or data. You should also check the reviews and ratings of the source and the file before downloading it. One of the sources that we recommend is [FIFA Offline APK Download], which provides a safe and updated version of the file. To download the file from this source, you need to:

  • Visit the website [FIFA Offline APK Download] on your browser.

  • Click on the download button and wait for the file to be downloaded.

  • Check the file size and name to make sure it matches the description on the website.

  • Save the file in a folder that you can easily access later.

The steps to install the APK file on your Android device

The next step is to install the APK file on your Android device. Before you do that, you need to make sure that your device allows the installation of apps from unknown sources. To do that, you need to:

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  • Go to your device settings and look for security or privacy options.

  • Find the option that says "Unknown sources" or "Allow installation of apps from unknown sources" and enable it.

  • Confirm your choice by tapping OK or Yes.

Once you have enabled this option, you can proceed to install the APK file. To do that, you need to:

  • Go to the folder where you saved the APK file and tap on it.

  • Read and accept the permissions and terms that appear on the screen.

  • Tap on Install and wait for the installation process to finish.

  • Tap on Open or Done when prompted.

The steps to launch and enjoy the game offline

The final step is to launch and enjoy the game offline. To do that, you need to:

  • Go to your app drawer or home screen and look for the FIFA Offline icon.

  • Tap on it to launch the game.

  • Select your preferred language and agree to the terms and conditions.

  • Create or log in to your EA account if required.

  • Choose your favorite team and start playing offline.

Congratulations! You have successfully downloaded and installed FIFA Offline APK on your Android device. Now you can enjoy playing FIFA without internet anytime and anywhere.

What are the Features and Modes of FIFA Offline APK?

FIFA Offline APK offers many features and modes that make it a realistic and fun football game for Android devices. Here are some of them:

The gameplay features that make FIFA Offline APK realistic and fun

FIFA Offline APK has many gameplay features that make it realistic and fun, such as:

  • Realistic graphics: The game has high-quality graphics that create a realistic visual experience. You can see the details of the players, stadiums, kits, balls, weather, and more. You can also adjust the graphics settings according to your device performance.

  • Smooth controls: The game has smooth and intuitive controls that let you control your players with ease. You can use touch gestures, buttons, or a virtual joystick to move, pass, shoot, tackle, dribble, and more. You can also customize your controls according to your preference.

  • Smart AI: The game has smart AI that makes your opponents challenging and realistic. You can choose from different difficulty levels, such as beginner, amateur, professional, world class, or legendary, to test your skills and strategies. You can also play against your friends offline using the local multiplayer mode.

  • Realistic physics: The game has realistic physics that make the ball and the players behave according to the laws of physics. You can see the effects of gravity, friction, momentum, collision, and more on the ball and the players. You can also use different techniques and skills to manipulate the ball and create amazing goals.



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