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A space for humans to be inspired, empowered & nurtured.





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Commune & Bloom Monthly Membership

Our monthly membership is a catalyst for growth mentally, physically and spiritually. We are a community of like hearted women and leaders. A sacred space to commune, bloom and break barriers through accountability, sisterhood, & workshops

$11 / month

founding member's price

One on One

Are you in leadership or an entrepreneur looking to level up your leadership? Starting a new brand or already started? Work with our founder!


C+B Experiences

Peachyality's experience space to commune, bloom & break barriers. See what we have been up to.

“The clearer you get on your brand, the less anxious you get, the less you compare your brand to others & the more confident you become. There is enough room for everyone to be successful. Couldn’t say enough good things about how much Shelsea has impacted my organization from the inside out.“

Jill Berger
Founder of Party With Lushra

Heart Coaching Client


Reaching Out

a concious, fulfilling lifestyle

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