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C+B Experiences

Peachyality's experience space to commune, bloom & break barriers. See what we have been up to. Each of our experiences taps into body, mind, and soul in creative ways.

In-Joying The Journey

Panelist of female founders Shelsea Sanchez, Jill Berger, Brittany Kroll, Jenn Hill and Grecia Garza gathered together in May 2021 to share their experiences as entrepreneurs; overcoming burnout and how they ground themselves 🧡 At this event we communed, discovered the benefits of drinking pure ceremonial grade cacao, and we meditated with Jenn Hill., meditation teaacher. 

Deeper Than Poses

Founder Alondra Smith led a yoga experience deeper than poses sharing her why behind the brand. deeper than poses was an empowering wellness event that provided women with the opportunity to flow through a yoga sequence intended to release, set intentions for clarity, reap the benefits of pure ceremonial grade cacao to open the heart, and bask in a soothing sound bath meditation. 

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