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Ready to build a heart-centered brand

that’s 100% aligned with the way YOU want to live?

One that capitalizes on your unique genius & shares your magic with the world?


You deserve a brand that allows you to be your authentic and embodied self… one that makes you feel empowered and excited instead of overwhelmed and burnt out.

The Peachy Way Courses

just imagine...

  • Building a thriving business or personal brand that taps into your natural brilliance

  • Feeling confident that your brand is being perceived exactly the way you envisioned it

  • Attracting a steady stream of dream clients you’re thrilled to work with

  • Spending more time in your zone of genius & less time feeling frustrated or stuck

  • Feeling empowered to move forward in your business without feeling like you need to do everything at once

  • Going on vacation & knowing that your team can handle your business without you

  • Having an incredible community of supportive, like-minded people to lean on

Whether you are building a personal brand, have a big team or you’re a solopreneur, building a brand is incredibly fun and fulfilling — and it can also be completely overwhelming.

The truth is, when we start out, most of us aren’t building our brands with intention. We’re just throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks!


In the beginning, you have to wear so many hats you weren’t necessarily expecting to and feel pulled in a million different directions.


So it’s no wonder we have a tendency to lose touch with our WHY. Caught up in the day-to-day hustle and bustle of building our brand, we lose sight of our mission, what’s really important to us, and often, who we truly are.


Before we know it, we’re running around doing a bunch of things we don’t even enjoy, attracting clients and an audience we don’t really vibe with, and feeling totally burnt out… and we don’t even know why we’re doing it.


As an entrepreneur who’s built multiple businesses including a successful Dallas beauty studio, I totally get it. I had to go through a LOT of trial and error to create success... and ultimately, I discovered that the way to build a successful brand is to look inward.


So often we look to the external world for guidance, when we already have all the answers inside us.


It’s only by looking inward that we can discover what truly matters to us — and once we’re grounded in our “why,” building a heart-centered brand comes naturally: It all just starts to flow.


You can create a brand that speaks to your heart & soul, and one that you feel energized and empowered to wake up every morning and work on. You just need the right tools and a little guidance.

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Introducing Commune + Bloom's :


The powerful 8-week course for conscious leaders who are ready to

build an intentional, heart-centered brand


Filled with proven strategies, deep insights & soulful steps to help you look inward and build a brand that’s 100% aligned to you, The Peachy Way will help you get clear on WHY you do what you do & HOW to share your magic with the world.


Inside this course you’ll discover:


CLARITY: Get crystal-clear on your unique magic, who you serve, & your “why” that drives everything you do

ACCOUNTABILITY: Banish procrastination & take small actionable steps toward your goals with the guidance of expert mentors

COMMUNITY: Learn to build authentic relationships & cultivate a community that supports your brand


Build a heart centered brand is designed to guide you through the overwhelm and confusion that comes with building a thriving, soul-aligned brand.


By looking inward to discover your WHY, you’ll learn to consciously embody your values and lead your organization or personal brand with LOVE.



the 8-week commune + bloom courseexperience includes:

2x Weekly Livestream Calls: Every Tuesday night you’ll be guided through each course module by Commune +Bloom CEO Shelsea Sanchez as she shares personal stories & powerful insights from her own business journey. Then on Thursday night, we’ll reconvene for an integration call to practice breathwork to help us go inward, reflect on each week’s learnings and set our intentions for how to apply the coursework to daily life


Mentorship from Commune + Bloom Team: Get advice every step of the way from mentors who support your growth & have been exactly where you are


Access to the Private Group: Connect with a supportive, nurturing community as you share daily challenges and wins & stay accountable


Heart-Centered Guest Speakers: Learn brand & biz strategies from experts across various industries who are fully in their zone of genius


Commune + Bloom courses are designed to nurture you step-by-step through the process of building a brand that’s fully aligned with your values and your unique genius, through a combination of spiritual practices and practical real-world action.

8 week peachy way experience

This course contains 8 modules divided into 2 parts,
each one a vital step on your heart-centered brand-building journey:



In Part I, we focus inward to build a solid foundation for your heart-centered brand



Tune in to yourself and prepare for the next 8 weeks by creating a space free of limitations. This module is the catalyst for your empowerment and inspiration during your 8-week journey!



We dive deep into your vision and create the blueprint for your biz with guiding principles for branding, hiring, and attracting dream clients.


In this module you’ll learn to level up your leadership skills by practicing greater self-awareness and identifying subconscious beliefs that are holding you back.



Continue leveling up your conscious leadership skills and increasing your emotional intelligence to become a more effective leader.



In Part II, we use all the inner work we’ve done to start sharing your heart-centered brand with the world!



By using The Peachy Way Method, you’ll turn your brand into something your community is excited to share. Learn to build authentic relationships and then grow them into a supportive community.



Create a digital strategy that's authentic to you and aligned with your brand's foundation.You’ll learn new techniques to market your brand, decide on the best platform to support your biz, and gain the confidence you need to put your brand out there!



Learn to use The Peachy Way Method to foster community partnerships that support your brand and help you reach new aligned audiences. You'll learn about the different influencer profiles and how to decide which one feels most authentic to your brand.



Learn how to curate unique experiences that build emotional connection with your community — and the all-important brand loyalty — by utilizing The Peachy Way's 5 Key Pillars.

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what graduates are saying about the course :


“Peachality helped me by seeing the bigger picture, creating an aesthetic and a brand for my business that makes sense for what my future goals are going to be, for what my clients need, and making it very clear for the public to understand what my brand and my business does for them. I’ll forever be grateful for the things I learned in the Peachy Way course!” 

- Hannah Simpson, founder, The Parlour


“It’s really transformed my intentions for my business and helped me to identify my purpose and my overall mission and goals. I’ve known Shelsea for a long time and got to see her in action with her salon and I loved the way she had an incredible, loving, supportive community there.”

- Erica Thomason, founder, The Dynamic Child

Ready to start building your heart-centered brand?

why choose the this course?

Commune + Bloom founder & CEO Shelsea Sanchez has always been driven by a passion for inspiring & empowering others. After studying cosmetology in high school, she began working as an esthetician and found that she loved making women feel beautiful and getting the opportunity to connect with them one-on-one in an intimate setting.


Her work in the beauty industry coincided with her rise as a professional bodybuilder, where she discovered a whole new level of belief in her ability to set and achieve goals.


In 2010 Shelsea opened Peachy Keen Studio, a high-end beauty studio turned lifestyle brand that merged her love of fitness and beauty by hosting soulful events and experiences such as communal meditation sessions. Her mission: to empower people to feel beautiful from the inside out by providing ethically conscious services in a fun and nurturing community.


After a decade of owning a salon, she made the pivot to course creation, a creative vehicle that empowers other women to tap into their divine purpose. After going through her own transformative wellness journey which included meditation, breathwork and yoga, she launched Commune + Bloom, a conscious lifestyle and wellness brand.


Shelsea is creating the kind of nurturing environment she wished she had during the early years of her own entrepreneurial journey — and demonstrating that when you lead with love, business can be about so much more than just making money. Holding space for others on their journey to expand their consciousness both personally and professionally has been one of the most rewarding parts of what she does. When she’s not hosting a live course, retreat or event, you can find her teaching yoga!

Shelsea is a 200 hour registered yoga teacher + breathwork facilitator. She’s also trained in Holographic sound healing and is a ceremonial cacao practitioner. 


As Shelsea likes to say: “The vehicle may change, but the mission remains the same.”

Shelsea Sanchez, The Peachy Way

Build a Heart Centered Brand is *for you* if...


✔️You’re ready to break down the barriers holding you back from your own potential


✔️You want to stop self-sabotaging and take a huge leap into your zone of genius


✔️You’re craving accountability to take inspired action toward your goals


✔️You desire genuine human connection and a supportive container of like-minded people


✔️You’re open-minded to spiritual concepts and practices such as mindfulness, energetics, and meditation


✔️You’re ready and willing to take a deep internal dive in order to fully embrace the infinite possibilities that are available to you

Ready to start building the foundation for a thriving, intentional brand?

Got questions about Build a Heart Centered Brand? Read on for answers!


I don’t have a “brand” — I’m just one person. Will Build a Heart Centered Brand work for me?

Guess what? YOU are your brand! Build a Heart Centered Brand is designed to help you craft a thriving, heart-centered brand from the ground up, whether you’re a personal brand, solopreneur or a leader with multiple team members.


Is Build a Heart Centered Brand  just for beauty brands?

Nope! While Shelsea Sanchez formerly owned Peachy Keen Studio, a popular Dallas beauty studio, she’s been involved in building numerous businesses including The Dynamic Child an educational company for children and parents — and the course graduates have come from all different industries creative agencies, life coaches, and yoga instructors to name a few.


What if I can’t make all the live calls?

No worries — we understand conflicts arise, so links to replays of each and every call will be posted to the Commune + Bloom courses private page and sent via text message the following day.


How much time do I need to devote to this course weekly?

We have 2 weekly calls that are each 60-90 minutes long, plus anticipate an additional 2-3 hours per week for homework and engaging with the community.

The next round of The Peachy Way begins July 19th | ENROLLMENT CLOSES JULY 18th @ MIDNIGHT!

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