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Peachality founder & CEO Shelsea Sanchez has always been driven by a passion for inspiring & empowering others. After studying cosmetology in high school, she began working as an eyelash extension artist and found that she loved making women feel beautiful and getting the opportunity to connect with them one-on-one in an intimate setting.

inspiring & empowering others.

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Her work in the beauty industry coincided with her rise as a professional bodybuilder, where she discovered a whole new level of belief in her ability to set and achieve goals.


In 2010 Shelsea opened Peachy Keen Studio, a high-end beauty studio turned lifestyle brand that merged her love of fitness and beauty by hosting soulful events and experiences such as communal meditation sessions. Her mission: to empower people to feel beautiful from the inside out by providing ethically conscious services in a fun and nurturing community.


After a decade of owning a salon, she made the pivot to course creation, a creative vehicle that empowers other women to tap into their divine purpose. After going through her own transformative wellness journey which included meditation, breathwork and yoga, she launched Commune + Bloom, a conscious lifestyle and wellness brand.


Shelsea is creating the kind of nurturing environment she wished she had during the early years of her own entrepreneurial journey — and demonstrating that when you lead with love, business can be about so much more than just making money. Holding space for others on their journey to expand their consciousness both personally and professionally has been one of the most rewarding parts of what she does. When she’s not hosting a live course, retreat or event, you can find her teaching yoga!

Shelsea is a 200 hour registered yoga teacher + breathwork facilitator. She’s also trained in Holographic sound healing and is a ceremonial cacao practitioner. 


As Shelsea likes to say: “The vehicle may change, but the mission remains the same.”

“The vehicle may change, but the mission remains the same.”
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