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We empower our community to lead with love through education.

lead with love


work of heart

A 4-week journey to realigning to your heart and living a conscious life.


Filled with proven strategies, deep insights & soulful steps to help you look inward and live a heart centered life.  By looking inward, you’ll learn to shift your focus and operate from a conscious coherent state. Heart Work was designed to help you develop strategies to lead with love in all aspects of your life, gain courage, and resillience.


1. Coherence -  this love lesson is about building a relationship with yourself and honing in on your heart's intelligence. In this course we will tailor your personal tool set of self-care that allows you to use different modalities for various challenges that arise in life. Learning how to live heart full will show you how to improve your cognition, decision making, decrease stress levels and more. Week 1 will help you tune into yourself by creating a space free of limitations and will be the catalyst for empowerment and inspiration during your 4-week journey.

2. Self-Awareness - Awareness is the first and most important step to make in becoming coherent. In this second love lesson you’ll learn how to practice looking inward. You will develop a deep understanding of your emotions, triggers, and habits so that you can make decisions that align with your highest self.

3. Self-Regulation - The ability to exert control over one's emotions is called emotional regulation. We can control our emotions or our emotions can control us. In order to make decisions that are regulated, and aligned with your highest self, you have to be regulated. In this lesson you are going to learn step-by-step how to emotionally regulate so you can perform at an optimal coherent state.

4. Conscious communication - Learning how to be regulated allows access to conscious communication. Speaking our truth can feel intimidating but when it is done in a regulated state, we are able to communicate in an optimal heart-centered way. In this love lesson you will learn the steps to having uncomfortable conversations ( such as delivering constructive criticism, feedback, and creating boundaries) with love and compassion so no matter what situation you are in, there is always the opportunity to lead with love.

The Four Week Journey Includes

2x Weekly Livestream Calls

Every Monday night you’ll be guided through each lesson by Peachyality CEO Shelsea Sanchez  & The Dynamic Child CEO Erica Thomason as they shares personal stories & powerful insights from their personal and professional experience. Then on Wednesday night, we’ll reconvene for experiential exercises that will integrate the weeks lesson by reflect and bloom within a sacred container.

Access to a Private Group

Connect with a supportive, nurturing community as you reflect with one another your daily highs and lows.

Heart-Centered Guest Speakers

 Learn additional strategies from heart centered experts such as meditation, breathwork, and aromatherapy.

This course is designed to nurture you step- by- step through the transformative process of becoming a heart centered leader.

meet your guide

My name is Erica Thomason. I am a coach, an educator, caregiver and an expert in parenting solutions. I earned a Masters of Science in Counseling from Grand Canyon University and an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Educational Psychology from The University of Texas. 


I have devoted my life to working with children and their families and have developed an expertise in early education, development, social-emotional wellness, attachment, positive parenting skills and mindfulness. 


As a parent, professional and caregiver, I understand the blessings and challenges of raising children and for these reasons am passionate about supporting families.  


I took the leap and began The Dynamic Child, an educational enrichment and parent support program, in 2017 as I noticed many of my brightest students were lacking strong social emotional skills. As I began intuitively infusing curriculum with more social emotional focus my students began growing more confident and aware of their emotions. As parents began to see the difference in their children they wondered how our educators are able to encourage this growth.  


I am pleased to say that today TDC has helped hundreds of students and parents learn to increase academic performance by enhancing social emotional intelligence.

Woman in Jeans

COMMUNITY: Get ready to laugh, bond, and bloom with like hearted women in this sacred container.


ACCOUNTABILTY: Our Wednesday night Zoom calls are designed to integrate the lesson from our Monday call where we will actually being doing heart work together! The work is where the magic happens.


HEALING: There is so much healing power when we vulnerably share with one another and are heard, seen and understood.



You’re ready to break down the barriers holding you back from your own potential



✔️You want to start feeling lighter


✔️Learn how to manage stress


✔️You want to start living a life that reflects your true nature


✔️You’re open-minded to spiritual concepts and practices such as mindfulness, energetics, and meditation


✔️You’re ready and willing to take a deep internal dive in order to fully embrace your most authentic self



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