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Jan 14, 2022 - Feb 9, 2022

Work of Heart


A 4-week journey to realigning to your heart and living a conscious life. Filled with proven strategies, deep insights & soulful steps to help you look inward and live a heart centered life. By looking inward, you’ll learn to shift your focus and operate from a conscious coherent state. Heart Work was designed to help you develop strategies to lead with love in all aspects of your life, gain courage, and resillience. ​ 1. Coherence - this love lesson is about building a relationship with yourself and honing in on your heart's intelligence. In this course we will tailor your personal tool set of self-care that allows you to use different modalities for various challenges that arise in life. Learning how to live heart full will show you how to improve your cognition, decision making, decrease stress levels and more. Week 1 will help you tune into yourself by creating a space free of limitations and will be the catalyst for empowerment and inspiration during your 4-week journey.

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Work of Heart

Work of Heart

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