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Lite Emoji Keyboard APK - A Smart and Simple Keyboard App with Emojis, Emoticons, GIFs, and Custom Themes for Android

Lite Emoji Keyboard APK: A Free and Customizable Keyboard for Android

Do you want to spice up your text messages with cute emoji, emoticons, stickers and GIFs? Do you want to customize your keyboard with different themes and fonts? Do you want to type faster and smarter with word prediction and correction? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should try Lite Emoji Keyboard APK, a free and customizable keyboard for Android devices.

lite emoji keyboard apk

What is Lite Emoji Keyboard APK?

Lite Emoji Keyboard APK is a free keyboard app for Android that lets you type 3000+ emoji, emoticons, smiley, symbol, kaomoji, text faces and more. It also lets you choose from hundreds of keyboard themes and fonts to suit your style. Moreover, it has smart typing features such as auto-correction, word prediction, gesture typing and voice input. It supports multiple languages and input methods, so you can easily switch between them.

Features of Lite Emoji Keyboard APK

Emoji, emoticons, stickers and GIFs

With Lite Emoji Keyboard APK, you can express yourself better with various emoji, emoticons, stickers and GIFs. You can find them in different categories such as smiley, animals, food, sports, love, etc. You can also access the latest emoji from Unicode 13.0 such as bubble tea, pinched fingers, ninja and more. You can use them in any app that supports them, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat and more.

Customizable keyboard themes and fonts

Lite Emoji Keyboard APK lets you customize your keyboard with different themes and fonts. You can choose from hundreds of keyboard themes that range from colorful to cool to cute. You can also change the keyboard font size and color to match your preference. You can even create your own keyboard theme with your own photos or wallpapers.

Smart typing and word prediction

Lite Emoji Keyboard APK helps you type faster and smarter with its smart typing features. It has auto-correction that fixes your typos and spelling errors. It has word prediction that suggests words based on your context and typing habits. It has gesture typing that lets you swipe your finger across the keyboard to form words. It also has voice input that lets you speak instead of typing.

Multiple languages and input methods