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Hello Neighbor: Diaries - A Thrilling iOS Adventure Game with a Dark Twist

Hello Neighbor Diaries: A Thrilling Sequel to the Popular Stealth Horror Game

If you are a fan of stealth horror games, you might have heard of Hello Neighbor, a game where you have to sneak into your neighbor's house and find out what he is hiding in his basement. But did you know that there is a sequel to this game, called Hello Neighbor Diaries, that is available for iOS devices? In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about this game, how to download it, how to play it, and how it compares with the original Hello Neighbor. Read on to find out more!

What is Hello Neighbor Diaries?

Hello Neighbor Diaries is a mobile game developed by Demagic Games and published by tinyBuild, the same company behind Hello Neighbor. It is a direct sequel to Hello Neighbor, following the story of Nicky Roth, the protagonist of the first game, as he tries to uncover the truth about his neighbor Mr. Peterson and his missing son Aaron.

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A direct sequel to Hello Neighbor

The game takes place after the events of Hello Neighbor, where Nicky Roth wakes up from his nightmare and defeats the Thing in the Act Finale. He finds a box full of his old stuff and memories in his bedroom, and he remembers his childhood investigation towards Aaron, his best friend. He pins his old photos on the wall, and the game flashes back to the past. Nicky has to break into Mr. Peterson's house again, collect evidence, and find out what happened to Aaron and his sister.

A mystery adventure with adaptive AI

Like Hello Neighbor, Hello Neighbor Diaries is a stealth horror game where you have to avoid being caught by your neighbor while exploring his house. However, this is not an easy task, as your neighbor has an advanced AI that learns from your every move and adapts accordingly. He will set traps, cameras, alarms, and even chase you down if he sees you. You have to be smart, creative, and brave to outwit him and solve the mystery.

A mobile game with stunning graphics and sound

Despite being a mobile game, Hello Neighbor Diaries does not compromise on its graphics and sound quality. The game has a cartoonish style that is colorful and detailed, creating a contrast between the cheerful appearance and the dark atmosphere. The sound effects and music are also immersive and realistic, adding to the tension and suspense of the game. You will feel like you are really in your neighbor's house, hearing his footsteps, breathing, and voice.

How to Download Hello Neighbor Diaries for iOS?

If you are interested in playing Hello Neighbor Diaries on your iOS device, here are some things you need to know before downloading it.

Requirements and availability

Hello Neighbor Diaries requires iOS 13.0 or later and a device with at least 1.2 GB of free space. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac with Apple M1 chip or later. However, it is not available in all regions yet. As of June 2021, it is only released in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America.

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Steps to download and install

If you are in one of the regions where Hello Neighbor Diaries is available, you can download it from the App Store for free. Here are the steps: - Open the App Store on your device and search for Hello Neighbor Diaries. - Tap on the game icon and then tap on Get to start downloading it. - Wait for the download to finish and then tap on Open to launch the game. - Follow the instructions on the screen to set up your account and preferences. - Enjoy playing Hello Neighbor Diaries! Tips to avoid common issues

Some users have reported some issues while downloading or playing Hello Neighbor Diaries, such as crashes, glitches, errors, or lag. Here are some tips to avoid or fix these issues:

- Make sure your device meets the minimum requirements and has enough storage space and battery life. - Check your internet connection and make sure it is stable and fast. - Update your device's software and the game's version to the latest one. - Close other apps or programs that are running in the background or consuming resources. - Restart your device or reinstall the game if the problem persists. How to Play Hello Neighbor Diaries?

Now that you have downloaded Hello Neighbor Diaries, you might be wondering how to play it. Here are some basic information and tips to help you get started.

The story and the objective

As mentioned earlier, Hello Neighbor Diaries is a sequel to Hello Neighbor, where you play as Nicky Roth, a curious kid who wants to find out what his neighbor Mr. Peterson is hiding in his basement. You have to sneak into his house, collect clues, solve puzzles, and uncover the secrets of his family. However, you have to be careful not to get caught by him or his traps, as he will do anything to stop you.

The gameplay and the features

Hello Neighbor Diaries is a first-person stealth horror game with a sandbox-style gameplay. You can explore the neighbor's house freely, interact with various objects, and use them to your advantage. You can also hide in closets, under beds, or behind furniture, and use distractions to lure the neighbor away. The game has four acts, each with different settings, challenges, and endings. You can also unlock bonus content, such as mini-games, comics, and achievements.

One of the most notable features of Hello Neighbor Diaries is its adaptive AI system. The neighbor will learn from your actions and behavior, and change his strategy accordingly. He will remember where you have been, what you have done, and what you have used. He will also set up more traps, cameras, alarms, and even call the police if he suspects something. You have to be unpredictable and creative to outsmart him.

The tips and tricks

Hello Neighbor Diaries is not an easy game. It requires patience, observation, logic, and courage. Here are some tips and tricks to help you succeed:

- Study the neighbor's patterns and habits. Learn when he is at home, where he goes, what he does, and how he reacts. - Plan your moves carefully. Don't rush into his house without a plan. Scout the area first, look for possible entry points, hiding spots, escape routes, and useful items. - Be stealthy and quiet. Don't make too much noise or leave traces behind. Use headphones or earphones to hear better. - Be flexible and adaptable. Don't stick to one strategy or route. Try different approaches and experiment with different items. - Save often. The game has an auto-save feature that saves your progress every time you enter or exit a room. However, you can also manually save your game by using a cassette tape recorder that you can find in some rooms. How Does Hello Neighbor Diaries Compare with Hello Neighbor?

If you have played Hello Neighbor before, you might be wondering how Hello Neighbor Diaries compares with it. Here are some similarities and differences between the two games.

Similarities and differences

Hello Neighbor Diaries is a sequel to Hello Neighbor, so it shares some similarities with it. For example:

- They both have the same genre (stealth horror), theme (mystery), setting (neighbor's house), protagonist (Nicky Roth), antagonist (Mr. Peterson), and objective (find out what he is hiding). - They both have an adaptive AI system that makes the neighbor smarter and more challenging as you play. - They both have a cartoonish style that contrasts with the dark tone of the game. However, there are also some differences between them. For example:

- Hello Neighbor Diaries is a mobile game that is available for iOS devices only (as of June 2021), while Hello Neighbor is a cross-platform game that is available for PC, Xbox One, P


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